ConnectedLibFest: Small and Rural Libraries Learning Together

ConnectedLibFest Materials

ConnectedLibFest was the first ever event specifically focused on connected learning in small and rural libraries and communities. This virtual experience took place on Wednesday and Thursday, March 15 and 16. Each day brought together library staff, researchers, and community members to learn from and with each other.

Welcomes and Panels

Description: Join Mimi Ito, Danielle Margarida, and Dianne Connery in conversation on best practices in connected learning. Facilitated by Katie Davis, Associate Professor University of Washington.

Panelists: Mimi Ito, Director Connected Learning Lab, Danielle Margarida, Youth Services Coordinator, RI Office of Library and Information Services, and Dianne Connery, Director, Pottsboro (TX) Library.

Description: Time to reflect on Day 1 and what's happening on Day 2.

Facilitated by: Mega Subramaniam, Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Description: Be inspired by stories of library staff bringing connected learning to their local communities.

Facilitated by: Mega Subramaniam, Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Panelists: Dr. Sarah Evans, Assistant Professor, College of Information, University of North Texas, Luke Kirkland, Director, Ayer Library, Massachusetts, and Carrie Sanders, Youth Services Coordinator, Maryland State Library Agency

Connecting With Teens

Description: Learn about the process of co-designing a teen life skills toolkit with teens. This process is intended for a small, rural community but could be facilitated anywhere.

Facilitated by: Stacy Lane, Youth Services Librarian, Laurel Public Library, DE

Description: Designing teen volunteering programs that support Connected Learning sometimes takes new ways of thinking and re-imagining library policies and systems and structures. Discover how one library was able to re-think and re-imagine in support of connected learning-based teen volunteering.

Facilitated by: Elizabeth Mayer, Youth Services Librarian, Bear Library, DE

Description: Library staff and vested stakeholders bring opportunity to library teen internship programs. Learn how one library harnessed their partnerships and relationships to build valuable internship opportunities for teens.

Facilitated by: Sonya Harsha, Young Adult Librarian, Algona Public Library, IA

Description: Join in a discussion on: the importance of planning services with outcomes in mind, making use of different qualitative assessment tools, and sharing the data collected in a way that measures success beyond commonly used statistics.

Facilitated by: Hillary Huggins, Teen Services Specialist, Central Skagit Library District, WA

Community and Civic Engagement

Description: Misinformation, or fake news, has exploded across the world over the past few years, with serious social and political implications. In this session, you will learn about a library-led research project that is designing new digital literacy approaches for combating misinformation.

Facilitated by: Jason C. Young, Senior Research Scientist, University of Washington

Description: Civic engagement opportunities give teens the chance to work with others in the community to take action in an area of importance. Find out what civic engagement is and how it supports connected learning.

Facilitated by: Rotem Landesman, Doctoral Student, University of Washington

Description: In a world of daily to-do lists and meetings, it is difficult to prioritize 1-on-1 conversations. There is value in these conversations which can take place at any outing – the grocery store, the post office, or the football field. Find out how to leverage these engagements while being authentic and discovering opportunities to build connected learning services.

Facilitated by: Misty Hawkins, Regional Director, Arkansas River Valley Regional Library System


Description: Join an informal conversation focused on how to build capacity for connected learning. Bring questions, ideas, and stories to the Roundtable.

Facilitated by: Linda W. Braun, Learning Consultant, The LEO Group

Description: Join an informal conversation focused on the ways in which libraries should and are centering equity in their connected learning services. Bring questions, ideas, and stories to the Roundtable.

Facilitated by: Kelly Hoffman, Doctoral Student, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Techniques and Technologies

Description: Learn how to leverage cutting edge tools and software to bridge STEM, computer science, and patron interests into services that can be customized for different communities.

Facilitated by: Tyler Hahn, Director, Cherokee Public Library, Cherokee, IA

Description: Spend time digging into the ConnectedLib Toolkit. Try out some of the activities and get ideas on how to use the Toolkit in your design and development of connected learning-based teen services.

Facilitated by: Kelly M. Hoffman, Doctoral Student, University of Maryland

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