Introducing the Toolkit

Goals for this module:

  • Learn how a connected learning mindset improves the experiences of learners and library workers alike
  • Decide how you want to work through the toolkit
  • Explore how learning circles provide opportunities for working with others to build connected learning skills and knowledge

New to ConnectedLib? This module provides a quick introduction to the Toolkit and the different ways you can use it. The modules can be completed as standalone lessons in any order, but working through the entire suite of lessons in the suggested order may help you get the most out of them. As a whole, the toolkit will walk you through the connected learning basics, help you learn how to work effectively with teens, how to strategize and plan to implement connected learning in your own library, and how to reach out and work with your community to create effective connected learning programs for your youth patrons. We encourage you to go through the toolkit with colleagues so that you can learn, practice, and gain understanding together!

Visit our project website to learn more about ConnectedLib and our team.