Youth Development

Goals for this module:

  • Describe major theories of youth development related to adolescence
  • Apply principles of youth development to the creation of connected learning programs for teens
  • Discuss how identity and relationships affect a teen’s development
  • Look at current teen services through the lenses of connected learning and youth development

In this module, you will explore how youth grow, learn, and develop their own identity. You will also explore how libraries can support tweens and teens in their development at every stage.

Worksheet #1: Youth Development K-W-L

Spend some time thinking about what you already know about youth development, and what you hope to learn from this module. The first worksheet in your Youth Development Workbook is a “KWL” – that stands for Know, Want to learn, and Learned.

First, describe your experience (if any) with youth development. Then make a list of things you already know about youth development. Then write down what you want to learn in this module. You’ll fill out the last column, what you learned (L), when you have completed this module.