4.0 Conclusion

In this module, we have learned how major theories of youth development can be applied to library programs and services for teens. We have explored how teens form their own identity, how peer and family relationships impact them, and how they develop moral and ethical thinking. Turning our attention to teens’ interactions with technology, we learned how digital media affects teens’ development — both positively and negatively — and how libraries can respond supportively. 

Youth Development KWL

Return to the KWL worksheet from the beginning of the Youth Development module. Fill out the “Learn” column with the most important things you learned from this module. Was anything you “Knew” incorrect or incomplete? Did you learn everything from your “Want to Learn” column?

Youth Development KWL Worksheet (DOCX)

What do you already know about youth development? What do you want to learn about youth development? What did you learn from this module about youth development?