Additional Resources

Partnering Basics

Collective Impact

Types of Partners

Informal Learning Institutions

Individuals, Businesses, and Community Groups

  • “Sponsorship 101: How Partnerships can Expand Summer Reading” by Steven Engelfried & Angela Reynolds. American Libraries, 2002(February), pp. 49–50.
  • “Partnerships for Teen Tech Week” by Stephanie Iser. Young Adult Library Services, 2008(Winter), p. 24. -“Beyond Public Exhibits to Partnerships” by Norman Morton. American Libraries 2005(November), pp. 42–45.</li>
  • A Guide to Building Partnerships Between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers, by Carol Lynn Alpert, 2013.

Youth-Serving Organizations


  • Library Partnerships: Making Connections Between School and Public Libraries by Tasha Squires. Information Today, Inc., 2009.
  • School/Public Library Cooperative Programs. Association for Library Service to Children.
  • The Future of Library Services For and With Teens: A Call to Action. By Linda W. Braun, Maureen L. Hartman, Sandra Hughes-Hassell, Kafi Kumasi, and Beth Yoke. YALSA, 2014. Contains a review of the literature on public library and school library partnerships on pp. 48-49.
  • Partnerships Beyond Four Walls by Ashley J. Cooksey, 2017.
  • “Encouraging Community Service in the Public Library” by N. Mulder). Young Adult Library Services, 2011(Fall), 25–27.
  • Community Collaborations: School and Public Library Partnerships [webinar] by Jenna Nemec-Loise, 2015). Discusses the challenges and opportunities of partnerships from the perspective of both school libraries and public libraries. Free to YALSA members.

Maintaining Partnerships