1.2 Mentoring and Connected Learning

Where does mentoring fit within Connected Learning? Mentoring within libraries helps foster the following CL principles:

  • Shared Purpose. Through collaboration with people of all ages, mentoring encourages cross-generational and cross-cultural groups to work towards common goals.1
  • Peer supported. By interacting with other youth through peer mentoring, learners give feedback to each other or simply “hang out” and “mess around.”2
  • Academically oriented. Mentoring experiences and programs can be designed to support academic success, build career-related skills, or increase community or political engagement.
  • Interest Driven. Mentors support and guide youth to engage in their passions and interests, encouraging them to “geek out.”2

Inspiring Mentors and Peers

Check out this video from filmmaker Nic Askew. The interview subject is Brother Mike, YouMedia Coordinator and Lead Mentor for the Digital Youth Network. The films asks:

  • Might we all have the opportunity to mentor another?
  • How powerful is a single moment of validation to a young imagination?
  • Might your influence travel further than you might imagine?


Connected Learning Alliance

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