4. A Connected Learning Plan For Your Library

Now that you’ve had an overview of connected learning, what does this mean for you and your library? In this section you will create a simple plan to implement or enhance connected learning in your library’s youth services. If you complete additional ConnectedLib modules, you may make modifications to this document as you learn more.

After completing this section, you will be able to...

  • Show how connected learning is related to your library‘s mission
  • Create a practical plan to implement or improve connected learning in your library

Note: the term “youth services” and “youth services department” are used throughout this section. Your department may have a different name, or your library may have no youth services department at all, and you are simply “the one who works with kids.” Whatever the situation, feel free to adjust the wording and the structure of the worksheet to fit your particular circumstances.

Download Entire Worksheet (DOCX)