2.5 Closing Out the Challenge

As you close out a design challenge or studio experience, consider it as a chance for you or your youth community to reflect, present, and assess your experience. Here are are some questions to think about as you end the design challenge. For more information on assessing the outcomes of projects and programming, check out our module on Assessment and Evaluation.

  • Defining success/assessment
    • Consider what criteria should be used to judge if your design or solution reached its goals.
    • Success can be defined in many ways. What is often more important in design thinking is the process of learning.
      • When did you spot evidence of engagement and learning? Did you see signs of design thinking skills (collaboration, critical thinking, empathy) being used?
  • Provide opportunities for students to present and reflect on the design challenge
    • Did we have all the tools we needed for the design challenge?
    • What can we do to make our library a better working environment?
    • How might we revise or iterate on this challenge in the future?
    • How might young people display and make the public aware of their work? Think about the use of social and digital platforms available to present and share both the design process and end results of a design experience.

Mapping out a design challenge

Use this outline to map out a design challenge—either to use with youth or to help you tackle your own design challenge in your library.