1.2 How does community mapping enhance connected learning?

A thorough knowledge of your community is critical for connected learning.

Building Pathways & Production-CenteredCommunity mapping can reveal assets to add to the network of resources you help teens connect to.
Opportunity & InterestsCommunity mapping can tell you what opportunities teens would like to have and help you find support for those opportunities and others. 
Shared Purpose & SponsorshipEngaging the entire community in the development of teens develops a sense of shared purpose and lets the teens know they are valued. 
RelationshipsCommunity mapping can help you identify groups of teens who aren’t being reached by the library. 

Community Mapping Activity: Existing Data

What kind of data do you already have access to? Find out what community mapping-related work has been done at your library before. Start thinking with an asset-based approach by recording at least one community asset in each category (more if you can think of them!) that your library is currently connected to or working with in some way.

Download Worksheet (DOCX)

Type of AssetList of AssetsConnections
Physical Resources