7. Summary

Capacity assessments are highly personalized for every library–no two libraries will share the same toolkit, or have the exact same strengths. In this module, we learned how to identify the different capacities of your library: partnerships, technology acquisition, technology use, space, and staffing. We covered self-assessing your library’s current capacity, as well as determining what needs and strengths the community around you holds. By developing a roadmap that included both the strengths and weaknesses of your library’s capacity, as well as those of the community around you, we highlighted how community strengths can be leveraged by your current library capacity to meet community needs. Finally, we shared tips and tricks for troubleshooting your library’s capacity and highlighted how connected learning could be implemented in your library at its current capacity–no matter the size of your library or its current technology budget.

Capacity KWL

Return to the KWL worksheet from the beginning of the Capacity module. Fill out the “Learn” column with the most important things you learned from this module. Was anything you “Knew” incorrect or incomplete? Did you learn everything from your “Want to Learn” column?

Capacity KWL Worksheet (DOCX)

What do you already know about capacity? What do you want to learn about capacity? What did you learn from this module about capacity?