Assessment and Evaluation

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90 minutes

Are your learning initiatives accomplishing what you want? What do you want to be able to say about what participants learned? How would you find out what they learned? In this module, you will discover how to assess learning and evaluate connected learning initiatives.

After completing this module, you will be able to...


The ConnectedLib team would like to thank Michelle Fellows, William Penuel, Katie Van Horne, and Josie Chang-Order for their input on this module.

Assessment & Evaluation KWL

Complete this worksheet by creating a list of what you already know (the K in KWL) about assessment and/or evaluation. In the second column, write down what you want (W) to learn in this module. You’ll fill out the last column, what you learned (L) when you have completed this module.

Assessment & Evaluation KWL Worksheet (DOCX)

What do you already know about assessment and evaluation? What do you want to learn about assessment and evaluation? What did you learn from this module about assessment and evaluation? (You will answer this question at the end of the module.)

How to Use This Module

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  • Each section has learning outcomes which are displayed in blue like this.
Quotes from researchers and practitioners look like this.
Case studies and examples look like this.
Explanatory videos or additional materials look like this.
Tips and pointers from librarians and elsewhere look like this.
Reflections and exercises to help you apply the module’s concepts to your individual context look like this.

At the end of each section, there are additional resources for you to explore further on your own if you choose. Ready to get started? Let’s begin with Section 1: Introduction to Assessment & Evaluation.